Bob Brace, High Performance Customer, USA

“Great results, expert, high integrity. Shaun worked with my direct report team and my executive manager to teach us the variations in performance styles which can prevent our team from reaching its performance potential. He then coached us in recognizing our individual styles and how to dovetail our style with each others’. His continuity plan was simple and easy to follow. The team now works extremely well together and delivers in every performance area. “

– Bob Brace, Irvine, California



National Institute of Accountants

“Interesting and relaxing, impressive and motivating, do it again next year. Excellent results, congratulations!”

– Johanna White, National Institute of Accountants


Christchurch & Canterbury Convention Bureau

“SMA presented an extremely professional and considered service that was tailored precisely to our needs.”

– Annette Pendergast, MD, CCCB


Horticulture New Zealand

“As Senior Business Manager responsible for Horticulture NZ’s people capability program, I engaged Shaun to train and coach our five finalists for Horticulture NZ’s 2010 Young Grower of the Year. Horticulture NZ is a national organisation representing 7000 fruit and vegetable growers and this competition brings together the finalists from several regional competitions around NZ to identify the best of the best. Shaun’s task was to work with the contestants to identify their communication style and step up their presentation and interview techniques.

As part of my role, I overview the entire competition and the results achieved. And, at a different level, I have seen all of our contestants present before training, sat in on most of the training sessions and then observed the result after training.

Without a doubt Shaun’s contribution to both individual performance and the competition as a whole has been outstanding. He has added high value in a variety of levels:

For the individual his experience and knowledge, combined with a sensitive and down to earth approach with our participants worked very well. The models and tools he brought to the table eg the DISC test were useful, insightful and provided a solid foundation to develop our people. He provided relevant and pragmatic example to back up the theory he put forward and he built positive yet firm relationships with our team quickly. He also provided follow up where required. All contestants made exceptional improvements under Shaun’s guidance;

For the competition he has made a significant contribution in taking our competition to greater heights. Our contestants had to present a speech to an audience of industry leaders and growers of over 400 at our national conference dinner in Sky City in Auckland. They all performed superbly and this has nailed support for the future of our competition. Several of our Advisory Group and indeed our five contestants have said that hiring Shaun was one of the best things we have done for the competition.

Naturally we have been delighted with the results and our Young Grower of the Year Competition Manager and I, highly recommend Shaun and his services.”

– Sue Pickering, Senior Business Manager


National Publishing Group

“Our team enjoyed the experience and the underlying message has had very positive results for our company.”

– John Blondin, MD, National Publishing Group



“We have found that one of the key differences in using Shaun Martyn compared to other services was his application of communication skills training into presentation training. This allowed our team to learn how to not only develop their presentation skills, but ensure that they had a common language and structure to help develop and deliver presentations more strategically to a specific audience.

As our team presents to large range of audiences and audience sizes, we needed to establish common language to ensure we delivered value to our clients and partners; this language needed to be unique to our team and our market, but had to be based on core communication skills. Our team was then able to apply and combined these communication skills with the presentation skills to deliver an increase in customer and partner engagement over a sustained period.

The success of this program, in combination with other programs, has contributed to a sustained growth in the local Australian business over a 5 year period. As a result of the success of this partnership with SMA, all new employees are provided the base level of training as part of their indoctrination to assist with integration into the team.

As well as the ongoing team sessions, employees are then provided as needed/requested with individual training to assist in developing their presentation and communications skills.

As a result of this training, our team is able to target and deliver the key messages not only to the greater audience, but can now target key points in the message to key individual/s within the audience in language the individual/s can connect with. In question time after a presentation, team members can now understand the communication style used in the question, as well as the question. This enables them to respond not only with the information; but using the communication style matching the questioner’s style.

Preparation time is now reduced, as the team is able to understand each other’s communications style and apply this to determine the best member suited to deliver the message/information to the audience.”

– John Cunningham, Managing Director, iPass Australia